Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Austec's renewable energy division is among on of the best here in WA. We offer all sizes of solar systems - from 1.5KW to 1MW of solar. 

We have installed over 700 domestic solar systems and we have conducted 26 Solar Hybrid power stations ranging from 10KW to 250KW.

We are renewable energy specialists who are able to offer you a professional design that meets your needs and your cost requirements. 

We don't only specialise in solar - we also feature: 

Solar systems designed to your needs and requirements, Battery backup / storage, Non Photovoltaic energy production and storage, Hydroelectric Energy -- Harnesing the energy of streams and dams, Bio Fuel and LNG Power Generation, On and Off grid solar power stations with and without diesel, solar and batteries, Hydraulic Energy Storage and Micro Turbine Power Generation.

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