Residential Design

Residential design is all about creating comfortable secure habitation within the natural environment (urban, coastal, rural or anywhere in between).

The best design is also nature-based, where natural forces are used to assist in creating a comfortable built environment. Now that we know we have to reduce our ecological footprint to be fair, and ultimately to ensure equitable survival of civilisation as we know it, this design approach is absolutely necessary, and is slowly becoming more mainstream.

This focusses on passive design, and maximum resource and material efficiency, and waste recovery.

The correct approach to finding the perfect balance between our clients' unique needs, and the unique set of natural circumstances on site, is the exciting mix of science and black art that is good architecture. Our technical understanding of practical solutions to high-end sustainability, is combined with a very human approach to creating spaces in which to 'live, and move and have our being'.
We start by looking at the site and analysing all of its characteristics. Then we spend some time 'getting inside' our clients' heads, to discover what their real needs are, especially the budget. We challenge all assumptions to test their validity, and refine this whole bunch of ideas into a clear design brief... this is "the question" that the design concepts seek to "answer". If we don't ask the right question, we will never get the right answer! 
Once the design concept - the core "idea" is finalised, we move through the common process of 3D CAD/BIM modelling, which is used by all consultants in preparing the relevant documentation for council approvals, and ultimately construction. Please contact us for a detailed chat about your Residential Design project. 

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