Safer For Your Baby And Our Environment

Safer For Your Baby And Our Environment

Eco-direct: - It is the impact a disposable nappy which is directly related to the substances of the environment which is directly utilized in the construction of the nappy, the quantity of possessions used and how superior the nappy works.

For example: - How many are required in one day and of course the procedure of nappy dumping. They think that the Moltex, Eco-direct Nappies are the perfect non-refundable nappies available for your baby and our environment, and here�s why:

Following are the properties of eco-direct: -

1) Biodegradable Back-sheet: -The breathable Back-sheet is manufactures from 100% biodegradable substances.

2) Biodegradable Gel: - It is exclusively introduced for environmental granules, which are based on maize starch, have replaced only 20% of the permeable granules in the foundation of the nappy.

3) 100% Chlorine Free: -

Using the following things creates it these are as: -

a). 50% unbleached wood pulp

b). 50% chlorine free bleached wood pulp (Means no toxic remains from bleaching agents that might harm your baby's skin)

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