Sanding & Polishing

We offer a range of coatings/finishes for your floors.

Polyurethane Coatings - which are available in One Pack or Two Pack Gloss Finish, Semi Gloss, Satin and Matt Finishes.

-Two Pack Gloss: This offers a very high gloss finish (not recommended for new floors)
-Single Pack Gloss: Gloss Finish - very durable used on all floors including Cork.
-Semi Gloss: A slightly subdued finish - between a gloss and satin finish.
-Satin Finish: A lower sheen finish - slightly softer durability.
-Matt Finish: No shine - looks like bare timber

These products have been widely used for a very long time and are what most people are familiar with. There is a strong odour release from these products while wet. We do not recommend people try to sleep/live in their homes when using these products unless you can be isolated from the fumes. People with respiratory issues ie asthma should not be present while the product is wet.

Water Base Coatings - We offer single and two pack water base finishes in Gloss(semi gloss appearance) Satin Finish (silky sheen). We offer Domestic and Commercial grade’s in these coatings. These finishes are less irritating than solvents when wet and do not have the same fume factor as solvents. Wet weather may affect curing/drying time.

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