Shopping Bag, Jute

Shopping Bag, Jute

Eco-kid shopping bags: - Now you can change your old traditional supermarket style polypropylene green bags with these beautiful & attractive naturally biodegradable jute shopping bags. These bags are available in as well as same size and shape as the supermarket green bags so they are fit and work perfectly at the investigation.

These BANG Bags are manufactured by Bangladeshi artisans and every artisan earns a living compensation which enabling them to aspire for an established financial future by lifting their relatives exceeding subsistence levels.

It manufactures small abnormalities which are characteristic of products which are not mass produced. BANG works with BRAC, the biggest Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the world. It ropes the source of revenue of more than 70% (100 million) of Bangladesh's populace during its social, health and education programs. Sustainable service is providing for 35,000 deprived rural artisans, 85% of them are women.

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