Silver Technology from Origin Energy

Origin Energy's highly talented Research & Development (R&D) team developing SLIVER technology at Origin’s Regency Park facility has been expanded to over 65. The team comprises members with a mix of experiences including international high-tech semiconductor research and manufacturing, noted academics, new venture development and skills honed in South Australia’s diverse manufacturing industry.

Origin's R&D team have made significant progress in refining the manufacturing process which are a prerequisite essential step in moving towards large scale production. The manufacturing team has produced our first commercial panels designed for grid-connect applications. The new panels incorporating Siver Technology have achieved international certification (IEC 61215 and 61730).

Origin Energy will be producing limited volumes of the new panels for installation at selected sites over the next year; Origin will also continue its development efforts needed for mass production. The development focus is  now on increasing the watts produced per wafer and the development of the new systems, products and processes.

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