Solar Panel & Solar Hot Water Systems from Braemac Energy

Braemac Energy supply and install a wide range of solar power grid connect systems to suit the majority of home and small business needs; each installation is tailored to the customer's needs. Braemac energy also offer the Ampair 600 Wind Turbine Grid Connected system and the APRICUS 30 250 GLES Hot Water System.

The solar panel systems available range from 875 watt to 5 Kilowatts output. Prices cover the supply and installation ofSuntech Solar panels, power inverters, all accessories ( circuit breakers, cabling, isolators etc), Certificates of Electrical Safety, and independent electrical inspections. All work is carried out to the relevant safety standards and installation regulations; electrical inspections are conducted by independent qualiied inspectors.
Braemac Energy can also install the Ampair 600 micro wind turbine. This has a 1.7m diameter blade optimized for low and medium wind speeds and the PowerFurl system to slow the turbine down in high winds to limit both noise and stress on the mountings. This wind power system is provided with a grid connected arrangement incorporating the Australian made Latronics PVE1200 grid connected inverter and TC48 turbine controller. The system will produce 1500kwh/year at 5m/s. 

Projects to supply and install APRICUS 30 250 GLES Solar Hot Water Systems include: the system, a ground-mounted 250 litre glass lined hot water tank, a roof mounted 30 tube solar collector, stainless steel roof mounting frame, Solastat controller and Salmson pump.

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