Solar grid feed systems from Aussie Solar

Aussie Solar can install a solar energy system to your individual requirements using today’s improved solar grid feed systems.

Aussie Solar’s grid feed system works like this - Sun light reacts with the solar panel to create into Direct Current (DC) electricity. The current flows through an Inverter which turns the (DC) electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity at a voltage that is compatible with your utility supplier.
Solar Grid feed systems mean that electricity from the solar panel and inverter actually does flow back through the meter. When the solar panel inverter supply is producing more than is being used at any time the meter reverses and revolves backwards thus reducing the amount of electricity recorded that had been used, thus the Solar panel electricity actually supplies the grid. A win win solar solution from Aussie Solar a company based in the heart of the Blue Mountains that services Sydney and the surround regions.

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