Stormwater & Drainage

Stormwater & Drainage

A comprehensive varieties of standard elbows and T's, the Green Pipe is existing in standard 6-meter lengths with a bell mouth joint which proof that it saves the cost of for stormwater and drainage projects: -

1) It is Easy to handle the Green Pipe it solves many complicated access installation troubles.

2) The green pipes are light in weight it's a bonus to all O.H and S conscious organizations.

3) Extensive underground life span makes sure that your finished projects offer many, many years of trouble free service.

4) The Green Pipe proof that it's a cost effective option which is a ideal solution for most low-pressure water or silage transfer applications.

5) These types of multiple lengths can be transported together threw the minimizing transport costs among depots and sites and downtime of installation labor.

6) These pipes are including the Small diameter pipes that can be physically loaded or unloaded it is dipping the requirement for heavy lifting machinery. (NB: RPT always recommend the use of Work Cover approved safe lifting techniques and weight maximums.)


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