Sustainable Built Environments

The Centre for Design's Sustainable construct for Environment Programme aims to decrease the ecological impacts of the built atmosphere through improvement of tools, strategies, advisory services and specialized development courses.

Centre for Design addresses has a varieties of environmental problem from energy efficiency and water preservation through to environmentally preferable materials and waste prevention on the duration of production.

They have two key projects driving the present research for 'Environmental Assessment Tools for the Building and Construction Sector' and the 'Eco-Home project for sustainable housing development:

1) Aims to encourage and facilitate the utilization of LCA in the building and manufacture sectors through a series of detailed case studies, evaluation of existing tools and the improvement of a new data collection framework.

2) To develop tools and guidelines based on social, technological and eco design research for environmentally dependable housing development.

A fresh program has recently been introduced to maintain practitioners in local government to incorporate sustainability criteria in their building and manufacturing projects. This consist of a flexible consultative service adapted to the requirement of every council, improvement of practical guidelines and case studies, and short courses on sustainable building design for local government.

Our Sustainable Building Programme delivers:

1) Practical on the ground solutions

2) Transfer of knowledge

3) Reliable, well researched tools

4) A platform from which to move to a more sustainable built environment through collaboration with industry, designers, manufacturers, regulators and developers.

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