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Australian National Botanic Gardens have computer detection instrument for Australian flowering plant families.

Families of Flowering Plants of Australia: -

It has an Interactive Identification Guide (Revised Edition) is an identification and information package for all of the plant families, native and naturalized, in Australia. It make possible the user to quickly and simply identify a plant to family level learn regarding Australia's plant families from text descriptions and notes and observe more than 1,500 full-colour photographs or designing of delegate species.

The latest browser of Australian National Botanic Gardens in this version interface allows fast entrance to the rich supplies of information or to the identification key, via the most recent web-integrated Lucid Player.

Following are the Features: -

1) Easy hyperlinked navigation between related families

2) An illustrated glossary of terms is provided to assist with use of the guide.

3) Quick and easy identification of the family to which any plant, whether native or naturalized, from anywhere in Australia

4) Australian Island Territories, belongs to the full or analytical descriptions of Australia's plant families, lists of genus and other comments on all families .

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