TeachLive is an modern teaching and learning program which places teachers on Earthwatch investigate projects where they not only obtaining a exclusive professional development expertise but also acquire to teach �live' reverse to their classrooms via a committed its website http://www.teachlive.org.au/. This is permitting students to acquire a virtual journey with their teachers helping them to appoint in science in an Australian perspective and see their teachers as science role models.

It�s a wonderful beginning to the way innovative expertise can inspire students. Mostly the students have experience what is concerned in scientific investigation resulting in enlarged curiosity and eagerness for science and ecological studies. It demonstrates students� areas of Australia they might enclose not at all seen before, provides them with a fresh perception on scientific research and exposes them to constructive career occasion.

The interactive nature of the program is a brilliant occasion for teachers to develop their web-based teaching skills, learn existing scientific investigation method work in a team with other teachers and learn additional information regarding Australia's unique environment.

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