Team Australia

Team Australia

Team Australia is a supportive venture between contributing associate of the Australian Association of Convention Bureaux (AACB) and Tourism Australia.

It was formed in 1998 at the AACB Conference in Alice Springs where it was decided that there is a requirement for a business activities & marketing association between Australian Convention Bureaux, Tourism Australia and industry to increase the efficiency of Australia's international business events marketing efforts by cooperatively planning and resource related projects.

Team Australia extends and appoint in incremental marketing ventures which are considered to develop the effectiveness of every associate presentation with respect to international business events marketing. It is choosing those projects which have add value to what is presently done cooperatively and independently and centralizes co-ordination and contribution in Team Australia projects.

The primary focus of Team Australia is to classify additional instance that can enlarge the business events market to Australia. It also aims to enlarge meeting, encouragement, and convention and exposition business for Australia through incremental international marketing activities.

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