The Daintree

The Daintree

The Wilderness Society (TWS), the Cairns and Far North Environment Center (CAFNEC), and the Daintree Rainforest Foundation (DRF). Best wishes to Environment Minister Desley Boyle and the Douglas Shire Council for finally accomplish certainty for the Daintree landholders and Daintree lowland rainforests. 

a) John Rainbird, CAFNEC Controller Says that "With the Douglas Shire Council signing off on the Douglas Shire Planning proposal, on these days it is an historical day for the safety of the amazing Daintree lowland rainforests, ".

b) Bjelkie Peterson government for development says, "The Daintree is recognized as being amongst the most considerable vegetation communities anyplace on earth. It has been a extended protracted exertion to conclude protected for preservation key division of the rainforest sell off ".

c) Chris Bennett, Chair of the DRF said, "With the signing of the planning scheme, landholders in the Daintree now also have the much required assurance they need to move forward. The $15 million dollars put up by the State Government to obtain significant blocks for preservation should make sure anyone affected by the development restrictions now in place are fairly remunerated ".

d) Messrs Rainbird and Bennett said, "Both Minister Boyle and the Douglas Shire Council are to be congratulated for this outcome ".

Whilst the hard conclusion that desired to be ready in this condition have precious the dreams of some landholders, they consider the result is to be for the greater products of the Douglas Shire and everyone else who distinguish the environmental.

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