Tinted Timbertreat

Cooee Products's TimberTreat is a non-hazardous, environmentally responsive, oil-in-water mixture (O/W) which is used by an exclusive approach for protecting the timber. It has a distinctive solution for timber security, uses waxes to access into the timber, departure a harsh film on the shell.

This surface layer is water-resistant and have hard exhausting, and provide to the product long life. The waxes and surface layer are chemically attached, so cracking and peelings is eliminated and assist for avoid cracking, warping and twisting. This means no additional sanding to affect extra covering in the future.

It has mainly consisting four popular colors. They are:

1). Teak - Honey Brown,

2). Ironbark - Rich Chocolate,

3). Jarrah - Browny Red and

4). Cedar - Vibrant Red.

All of these finishes are slightly glossy, but not so a good deal that the finish is greasy while damp. The technique used by Tinted TimberTreat to close up the wood surface, impressing hooked on and also leaving a layer on the surface construct it an ideal method to help seal in the chemicals in treated timber.

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