Transportation Of Canary Island Date Palm

Transportation Of Canary Island Date Palm

At once a palm is preferred the proficiency and total professionalism of the team at the Canary Island Palm Company is synchronized into action.

The source ball, middle crown and trunk of the palm must not be injured by the heavy machinery which is required to haul out a palm from its position onto the flat bed of a partially trailer.

In all occurrences they will effort to have a Canary Island Date Palm replanted after elimination within a 48 hour of time duration to keep away from as much pressure as probable to a palm.

Canary Island Palm Company has committed well-informed experience transportation on that location in which their every day focus is centered on the rearrangement of Canary Island Date Palms.

The transportation of Canary Island Date Palms is a essential factor in repositioning of palms and they always transfer all palms in a fully enclosed semi trailer to keep away from wind burn.

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