Walpole Wilderness And Tree Top Walk

Walpole Wilderness And Tree Top Walk

Out of Sight, tours specialize in small group and private 4WD charters through the South West region of Western Australia. Located not so far from Margaret River, the area contains the towns of Denmark, Walpole and Albany. The ancient Tingle trees of the Walpole Wilderness and Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk are an exclusive national treasure not to be established everywhere else in the world. This unique eco-system enclose Tingle trees more than four hundred years old, these ancient forests are just awe-inspiring. See the marvelous bio-diversity of this area. Your half-day tour consists of way in to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk and amazing visiting the attractions along the south-west seashore. So don't ignore it out on a really iconic Australian experience.

Out of Sight tour and its philosophy is based on sustainable eco-tourism principles which are: Take only photographs leave only footprints.

They don't expect in large tour buses or crowded agenda. They only take small groups so that you can set your own pace and take pleasure in the amazing natural environment of the Great Southern constituency of Western Australia.


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