Water Treatment And Distribution

An unrefined water supply generally contains suspended matter, colors, turbidity and possibly iron and manganese. The turbidity is due to finely divided matter held in postponement. Generally it is too light to settle except after long periods of time. Colors are caused by dissolved organic material resulting from decaying vegetation and bacterial exploit.

To make sure the water that they generate meets NHMRC guidelines for drinkable water, the unrefined water supply goes through several treatment steps. This process begins with exposure to air during desertification of the dam, followed by the processes of coagulation and clarification, filtration, pH correction, flocculation, chlorination and fluoridation. These procedures take place at the water treatment plant. Central Tablelands water operates two treatment plants, Blayney water filtration plant and Carcoar water filtration plant.

Subsequent treated water is passed to consumers via the distribution system.

Central Tablelands Water includes the following chemicals to its water supply:

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