Wind Generators

Tasman Energy provides wide solar electricity equipment in Australia. They sell the windpower range of wind generators in Southwest. This range includes the AirX, H40, H80 and Whisper 175 turbines. These wind turbines are provided in complete and prepared to install on your tower which specific the battery charging devices. Naturally the tower will be prepared from readily available in steel tubing and pipes.

Tower kits are available for all models. These kits provide the structural clamps, cables, components, turnbuckles etc. For established your wind generator on the top of the tower so it secure extremes of wind, we required to build a pipe based tower.

The AirX is a direct inheritor from the original Air 303 and 403 turbine series, a series of wind generators that have been in production for last 20 years. It represents excellent value for money in that time it has evolved into a highly reliable and long lasting wind generators. Over 40,000 wind turbines made in the world but this is the most popular series which is available 12, 24 or 48 volt outputs in land, marine and industrial versions.

Tasman Energy's AirX Specifications:

Rotor Diameter: 1115 mm

Weight: 5.85 Kg

Mount: 1.9 inch, 48 mm outside diameter pipe

Start up wind speed: 11.5 Kph

Survival wind speed: 180 Kph

Voltage: 12 or 24 volts DC

Wind speed at max output: 44 Kph

Warrantee: 3 Years

Over speed protection: Electronic torque control

Materials used for making wind turbine:

Body - cast aluminum,

Blades - carbon fiber composite

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