Wood Products

Wood Products

Beca Simons's is a professional forest product team which Provide the wood product, Beca Simons* delivers incorporated engineering services to the MDF, LVL, sawn timber and plywood industries. To the development and commissioning of major Greenfield sites generally we are using these ranges from initial scoping studies.

The skills portfolio incorporates a full selection of process and discipline design services (electrical, process control, civil, instrumentation, structural, mechanical, piping), and we typically complement these with project management and construction expertise. Our North American partners, AMEC, Provide us international best practice & also include benchmarking comparisons.

Our broad skill are mainly based on access to the Beca Group resources which means we're also able to provide planning services and professional expertise for all aspects of Resource Management Act consenting and negotiation.

Potential forest industry investors assess opportunities locally and off shore and use our services to investigate. We have a proven track record for client satisfaction, innovation and delivering on time. So it is demonstrated through awards for engineering excellence.

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