Woods 12Volt 30Amp Manually Operated Charger - D1230

Woods 12Volt 30Amp Manually Operated Charger - D1230

The Woods Dialo charge is a complicated electronic manually operated charger for various types of batteries. Energy Matters.

It precisely supplies charging voltages and currents to the employs in a primary phase-shift controlled triac on the duration of recharge cycle. The IALO charge Energy Matters successfully recovers extremely discharged batteries.

The IALO Charge provides charging flexibility in the workshop arena covers is a variable range of battery voltages (e.g.: a 12V DIALO can be charge batteries of any voltage from single 2V cells to 12V systems).

It may be used for fast recharging of operational batteries or for overnight trickle charge situations due to the precise power control provided by the DIALO charge.


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