eRider Elcetric Scooter

We manufacture and sell highway speed Electric Scooters and motorcycles for both commercial and domestic use.
LIGHTNINGBOLT PDT FLEET VERSION100% Electric + Performance = Pure Fun.Finally, performance you would expect from a conventional cycle
without the noise, gas and pollution. Plugin Drive Tech provides a
100% electric cycle that combines advanced technology with quality
construction at an affordable price. Whether you are a consumer or
a fleet operator Plugin Drive Tech has the vehicle for you.

All Plugin Drive Tech products are equipped with the following standard features:

Smooth Acceleration and High Torque

Regenerative breaking systems which are programmable to optimize the vehicles energy use

Computerized variable speed.

This means if you only want the Scooter to have a maximum speed of 60Kph,

this can be done by simply plugging in the technicians laptop and adjusting the speed.

We can program the Scooter to what ever speed you want from 50kph (MOPED) to about 110Kph.

On board charger to free up space in the trunk

Three meter spiral cable for convenience of the user

Full scale battery charger to monitor charging

Kill switch for secure handling of the scooter

Easy connections to the hub motor and wheels to quickly replace or fix flat tire

24 Month Warranty includes batteries.
Spare parts will be supplied from warehouse in Europe and can be ordered from your distributor.
Technical training will be supported by your distributor

Available Colours: White, Pearl White, Jet Black, Crimson Red, Silver, Blue and Enviro Green


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