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Global fundraising Network is a program that generates income on a regular basis for registered charities, schools, clubs and not for profits registered in Australia. With the support of individuals who use our network partners they can without any effort generate income to fund the many organisations who are making a difference. Imagine supporting 100's or 1000's of these organisations all at once this is what our global fundraising network delivers. Reducing the need for each individual organisations to raise much needed funding on their own freeing them up to do more beneficial work in our communities this is what we do. We help to generate funding for schools to purchase equipment and fund extra programs to help with your children's education, We help clubs purchase equipment and cover expenses, we also help not for profits and charities cover their expenses and help to fund the many worthwhile communities projects that help to make Australia a better community to live in. Every person and every organisation matter so be a part of our global fundraising network and make the world a better place. This Fundraising service is provided at no cost to the charities , school and community groups that sign up with us also it cost the consumer no more to purchase products via our site then if they purchased it anywhere else, at the same time generating funding for charities and community groups including clubs.

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