Top Ways to Bring Renewable Energy into Your Home

Environmental sustainability is slowly rising to the surface and sitting at the forefront of our lives. Turning to renewable energy sources to power your home and space is both a logical and impactful choice! By investing in Green Technology (particularly renewable energy): you help to reduce your carbon footprint, save on utility bills long-term, and contribute to the sustainability of our planet into the future.

Here are the best ways to bring renewable energy into your home and space:

1. Install Solar Panels

solar panels house

One of the most popular and affordable renewable energy options: solar panels convert natural sunlight into electricity to power your home. Photovoltaic (PV) panels placed on your roof provide efficient conversion to help lower your electricity bills whilst ensuring you’re doing your part in the fight against greenhouse gases and the negative effects of climate change. Solar panels don’t just save you money, though - excess energy can be sold back to the grid, and solar panels tend to have low maintenance costs, despite their lifespan typically nearing 30 years. With numerous Solar Rebate incentives also available via the Australian Government: solar panels are an affordable and effective means of renewable energy.

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2. Invest in a Solar Battery

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Don’t want to sell all of the excess energy from your solar panel system? Or perhaps you camp and travel often and need a stable and portable electricity supply? Solar Batteries take solar energy (or excess solar energy!) and store it in a portable, usable device. If you have an existing solar panel system: solar batteries can also be a reliable backup power solution for any instance of power outage or nighttime use - maximising the utilisation of your renewable energy solution. Recent advances in solar battery technology make these products more affordable as well as efficient and durable. Integrating a solar battery, whether solo or alongside an existing solar energy system, ensures that your home and space remains powered by renewable, clean energy - around the clock.

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3. Wind Power

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Small-scale wind turbines are a viable and enticing option for generating renewable energy for a home or business. These turbines convert kinetic energy brought via the wind into a clean and stable renewable electricity source: which generates long-term savings on electricity bills, as well as working to power your life without hurting the planet. Wind turbines are particularly effective in rural or coastal areas that tend to get higher wind speeds. Although upfront costs may be high, they provide long-term savings financially and have a long lifespan of around 20 years - making them a sustainable, logical, and reliable investment for the eco-conscious.

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