ABB Australia

ABB Australia is a leading Australian agriculture business with a multi-faceted operation and international focus. While the company’s history is steeped in grain accumulation and marketing, the present reflects a much more diversified operation, stretching across the entire supply chain.

With a national presence ABB Grain accumulates grain from all grain growing, eco farming regions across Australia, and trades in all grain commodities. ABB’s supply chain strength comprises operations in storage, handling and logistics, as well as providing a number of value adding services.

This includes a significant network of silos and export shipping terminals in South Australia and the eastern states of Australia, incorporating joint ownership of Australian Bulk Alliance (ABA) with Japanese trading company Sumitomo.

ABB Australia Grain’s malting division, Joe White Maltings, is one of the world’s largest producers of malt with the capacity to produce 500,000 tonnes per annum.The eight malting plants strategically positioned across Australia include the largest malthouse in the southern hemisphere, situated in Perth (WA).

ABB Australia’s range of rural services include fertiliser and agchem supply, financial services and insurance, and wool and livestock activities. The latter have been supported by the acquisitions of Adelaide Wool Company, Wardle Co and Stawool in 2007.

ABB Australia recently strengthened its financial services offerings to provide customers with a unique range of cash flow alternatives, plus access to insurance options.

ABB Grain also has significant operations in New Zealand focused on the trading and distribution of grains and proteins. A major milestone of 2007 was the establishment of a joint venture in Ukraine to accumulate grain, manage supply chain activities and market grain.

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