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View galleryEcology and Sustainability Course description: Australia and the rest of the world face significant challenges in balancing the needs of a sustainable society with protecting the natural environment. This course provides flexible combinations of professional education and practical solutions necessary to achieve sustainable management of the Australian environment. The course structure is practically based and flexible, allowing a mix of in-depth studies and specialisations with novel combinations of subjects and skills across diverse disciplines not usually covered in science courses. Course structure: Course duration is three years of full-time or six years part-time study, leading to a Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Sustainability). The degree is flexible and offers a wide range of electives that underpin four major streams including Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Ecology and Community Development, Ecology and Tourism and Ecology and Human Bioscience. The course is offered on-campus only, but includes day and overnight field trips. Employment opportunities: Upon graduation you will have a broad range of career opportunities, which include: 1) Landcare / Bushcare Coordinator 2) Environment Officer or Environmental Planner 3) Restoration Ecology and Land Management 4) Marine and Freshwater Ecosystem Management 5) Environmental Education 6) Botanist / Zoologist / Ecologist 7) Ecological and Resource Assessment Potential Employers include: 1) Melbourne Water & City West Water 2) Department of Sustainability & Environment 3) Landcare / Trust for Nature 4) Local and regional councils 5) Environmental consultants 6) Catchment management authorities 7) Parks Victoria 8) State government fisheries departments 9) Werribee Open Range Zoo As a graduate, you will be eligible to join the Australian Institute of Biologists and the Ecological Society of Australia. Further Study: Masters and Doctoral degrees are also offered in the field of Ecology and Sustainability at Victoria University. Master of Science – Environmental Management Course Description: A two-year study program in Melbourne – Australia Take advantage of this well-established and prestigious program to upgrade your expertise in the following areas: 1) Principles of Environmental Science & Management 2) Environmental Law & Standards 3) Solid Waste Management 4) Water Pollution and Liquid Waste Management 5) Cleaner Production Technology & Waste Minimization 6) Air Quality Management 7) Research Methodology Course Structure: Attain a Masters degree after two years of study, comprising one year of coursework and a one-year industry related research project. Beginning of year (March) and mid-year (August) commencements are available to suitably qualified applicants. For more information contact the course co-coordinator, Professor John D. Orbell.
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