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Ecovibe provides innovative, cost effective eco solutions for building, agriculture, marine, camping and around the home.

Products include pumps, atmospheric water makers, solar products, systems, appliances including design and installation. Company Eco Vibe provides a “One Stop Shop” for renewable energy products, consultancy, design, accredited installation and maintenance services. The Ecovibe team consists of experienced architectural building designers, electrical/solar engineers and hydraulic engineers ensuring the design and supply of products are customised to meet all your requirements and the relevant Australian Standards.

Ecovibe product range includes solar power products and systems, passive solar building panels, smart housing, water pumps, atmospheric water generators, desalination units, reverse osmosis systems, UV sterilisation units and solar air conditioning.

We aim to provide eco-friendly products and solutions to enable a sustainable life style without compromising comfort and ensuring a better environment for our planet and future generations.

Product Range Atmospheric Water Generators A full range of Atmospheric Water Makers for domestic and commercial use.

These advanced water makers can produce from 10L to 5000L per day and draw water vapour from the air and convert it to water; the water is filtered through several stages, including UV sterilisation, creating pure hot or cold drinking water that meets the requirements of the most stringent international standards.

Water Purification Systems Eco Vibe has a large range of Water Purification Systems, UV Sterilisation and Reverse Osmosis Units. From small portable camping, under bench, free standing water dispensers to whole house units. Reverse Osmosis (RO), also known as hyper filtration, is the finest filtration known.

This process will allow the removal of particles as small as ions from a solution. Reverse osmosis uses a membrane that is semi-permeable, allowing water that is being purified to pass through it, while rejecting the contaminants that remain. The RO membrane uses cross flow technology which continually passes water across the membrane thus flushing away the rejected contaminants.

When the reservoir tank is full, water flow stops completely. The reject ratio is normally about 75 to 85%, meaning for every litre of pure water collected, 4 to 5 litres of reject water is flushed away. While this may at first seem excessive; to produce 5 litres of pure water takes the same amount of water as used in a two minute shower.

Because of the ultra fine membrane used in RO, reject rates for nearly all contaminants are very high; typically around 96-99+%, depending upon the contaminant and available water pressure. Combined with the sediment and activated carbon filters, a quality RO system will remove bacteria, protozoa and viruses and significantly reduce organics, salts, metals, nitrates, pesticides and many more contaminants.

Easy to operate, with instant access to pure water, RO’s require very little maintenance and have an operating cost for the average family of around 4c per litre DC / Solar Water Pumps Eco Vibe has a large diversified range of 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volt DC water pumps ranging from pressure boosting pumps, macerator pumps, well/bore pumps, swimming pool pumps, spear pumps and bilge/submersible pumps.

These pumps can be used around the house, for remote area water supply, for irrigation water supply from rainwater tanks or in the RV and marine industry. There are numerous uses for our range of DC water pumps that run reliably and quietly from solar power, battery power or AC mains backup power.

Solar Panels & Power Systems Eco Vibe can supply and install a wide variety of PV solar panels and solar power systems. We can provide stand-alone, grid connect and hybrid solar power systems, great for remote areas, Eco Resorts and around the house. We encourage everyone to become energy efficient as our future depends on it. Also take advantage of the Australian Governments Rebate Scheme for solar power systems and save money.

Composite Wall & Roofing Systems Eco Vibe believes that in a modern world, building systems should be used that can provide significant environmental benefits through improved insulation properties giving cost savings through faster construction time and simplicity of installation. We can supply and install a variety of Sandwich Panel Systems ( P.I.R, E.P.S & PU ) with either steel internal and external skins or combinations of FC sheet and plywood. We also supply a full wall system comprising of 100mm - 200mm EPS core with embedded steel studs for structural integrity. This system is the way of the future for domestic housing. Eco Vibe also supplies Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) under our own brand name of Alcom Vibe. This is an ideal product for curtain walls and facade cladding. It can also be integrated with our other systems as cladding. Eco Vibe also supply UV resistant hollow core Polycarbonate Sun Panel ideal for skylights, patio roofing and facade treatments.

Relocatable Eco Smart House Smart House is not just a house, it’s a new advanced technology, for living, manufactured to meet the individual requirements of a small family, resort unit or remote area’ housing. Smart House is delivered to your site as a kit container, including all the components. It only takes about 8 hours and 4-5 people for the erection, all the instructions are provided by Eco Vibe. The Result is a distinctive house and modern, comfortably designed living environment.

This approach to construction makes Smart House dramatically good value too. 1) You’ll have 82 m2 of relaxing usable area – living room & kitchen. 2-3 bedrooms, bathroom & laundry. 2) It has a complete set of services, including hard-wiring into the structure, engineered for complete dependability. 3) Smart House has been fully tested without any problems, compared with traditional houses, Smart House has none of the guesswork or improvisation often required. 4) The materials are low-maintenance and durable. Smart House has anti-seismic, wind resistant and weather-tightness features suitable for any environment and should last for 100 years.

Solar Air Conditioning At last a true solar Air Conditioner that runs direct from your solar panels. This unit can also have battery back up and mains power top up facilities. Why pay excessive power bills when you can install a solar Air Conditioner and help the environment at the same time. This system easily installs in attics, outside, in utility closets, garages & warehouses. A wheeled, portable version that is fully charged can be easily operated remotely for up to 12 hours between charges. DC options integrated into the Millennia Package.

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