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 EverExceed is an international company having its head office in U.K. and operations in various countries. The operations of Everexceed in Asian region is controlled by Everexceed Industrial Company Limited, Hong Kong and its manufacturing facilities of different locations in China.

EverExceed now offers a full range of lead acid batteries (network & motive power) and Nickel Cadmium batteries covering a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, AGVto emergency lighting and security applications, and offers a full range of Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline Solar Modules combined with PWM/MPPT solar controllers, Grid-off/Grid-tied inverter covering a wide range of applications from sophisticatied telecommunications, Power Electricity, Remote Area Electricity applications, in addition ´╝îit also offers to a full power protection line of uninterruptable power supplies, automated voltage regulators , industrial chargers . 


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