Imensa Holdings Pty Ltd

Need a solution for open electronics,installation and buttons? Imensa is your go-to destination for quality enclosures for your industrial spaces or home. You no longer need to look at all those buttons, wires and little lights all the time. You can close them in a modern and fancy way so that they fit the room instead of being the poking eye in them.
Imensa is a family owned company that produces accessories and quality enclosures for any type of installation: plastic, stainless steel or ordinary steel. Our accessories offer includes cabinet fans, junction box, locks, and climate control systems among other things. Quality and customer satisfaction is of key importance to us, so if by any chance you're not satisfied with our products, we offer you 110% money back guarantee. That means that we'll give you a full refund and even cover the cost of the refund shipping.
You can visit our web site and explore the options we offer to you for protecting and covering your electronic installations. If you have any questions about out products of the manner of paying and delivering, you can talk to our staff on 1300 939 973.

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