SCRAP is a non-profit environmental company providing a range of green goods & services.

Among our goods are - worms, worm farms, casting, liquids, composts, compost systems, seeds & various garden options; green stationery - 100% recycled papers for printing, envelopes, tissues, ecopens, pencils, refillable markers, etc; water conservation products - tanks, leaf protection, pumps, filters, irrigation, etc; energy conservation products - solar panels, vents, inverters, skylights, etc.; recycling goods - bags, boxes, bins, buckets, labels, bin-nests & bin systems.

Our services include environmental auditing services - waste, energy, water, grounds & biodiversity and materials flow analysis. Through our chosen tradespeople & professionals we offer enviroplumbing (to fit the water conservation goods); Electricians to fit solar & energy efficiency systems. Waste & recycling services to help you reach zero waste.

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