Olie Pure Skincare

Olie Pure Skincare is an Australian made unique Skincare brand, created by Makeup Artist, Rachel Mead, who’s background spans 22 years in the beauty industry.

Fed up with the industry being flooded with toxic ingredients and wasteful plastics Olie Pure takes a fresh new approach to your skincare.

Made from the highest quality ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world, using only sustainable and where possible, Organic ingredients. Thoughtfully packaged in recyclable and sustainable packaging, Olie Pure has a range that caters for ALL skin types, and is used in beauty salons.


‘Check out the range and sample different sized options to get your skin started. Once you make the switch you’ll never go back! 22 years in the industry as a professional Hair and Makeup Artist, has shown me that, Pure, Simple, Natural and Potent beauty products are the future.’ Rachel Mead, founder of Olie Pure Skincare.

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