Goldilocks Natural Bedding

Goldilocks Natural Bedding was established in 1995 as grass-roots collaboration with the KapoK harvesters of West Timor villagers. Julie Emery, who has been trading Timorese handcrafts since 1990, developed this business.

Goldilocks specialises in heavenly head pillows, mattresses, cot mattress, sleep/yoga/body pillow bolsters, neck & lumbar rolls, mediation/play/rest mats and zafu/breastfeeding cushions. At Goldilocks we use sustainably gathered natural organic KapoK, which has anti-bacterial and moisture resistant properties.Throughout the equatorial belt, the villagers have used kapoK as their natural, non-toxic bedding for years. KapoK provides a comfortable, chemical-free, durable, affordable and sustainable natural-fibre bedding system whilst generating a small eco-footprint. All of our products are filled with Grade 1 superfine KapoK fibre. Our customers can also request customised varying quantities of KapoK fibre filling for their own KapoK products.

Our KapoK is sourced from Indonesia, no chemicals are used throughout the growing and importation process. Moreover, in making the shells/inners for our product range, we source Australian hemp, organic cotton blend, organic cotton and engage local seamstresses. We engage experts in Java to craft the mats and mattresses.Goldilocks has been trying to minimise the impact on the ecosystem while giving health benefits to our customers. We use minimal and/or recycled packaging to be an environmentally friendly company. We are also contributing to developmental projects such as designing a solar cooker in collaboration with Timorese NGO.

Goldilocks Natural Bedding Products

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