Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Pillows

Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Pillows

This pillow is specially designed for all the mothers in the world. The Goldilocks's pregnancy/breastfeeding pillow will provide you optimum support and comfort. Our pillow is filled with KapoK fibre and is allergy-free. The inner shell of our pillow is made using Calico. Calico is unbleached cotton, so it is prone to random circular marks which is a natural occurrence in calico and it will not reduce the quality of our pillows.

You can use this comfortable pillow while breastfeeding your baby. The inner curve of the pillow provides perfect stability around the baby’s waist. It will be the perfect resting pillow for the baby. Moreover, the pillow can be used around your neck while reading or working on the bed to avoid neck pain.


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