About Bag Smart

About Bag Smart

Ecoezi is the public marketing compaign to make people influence about the reduce plastic bags and doing this campaign onward Sep. 2003.

It is the big issue of plastic bags and Bag smart connect people on this issue by telling them there environment friendly alternative of plastic bags

Bag Smart give supports to retailers, community leaders, groups and organisations to build up and applying community - based campaigns by harnessing people�s interest and commitment, and fostering partnerships.

Ecoezi campaigns are an example of how all sectors of a community can work together on the issues of the environmental impact of plastic.

Bag Smart and the plastic bag matter has proven to be a medium to engaging communities on the wider issue of sustainability and how can the little things like our buoying decision, and our daily actions help to reduce our footprints on the inviroment..

Bags Smart provide support materials to Retailers, Communities and Schools



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