Amcor is a large global packaging company listed on the ASX. In Australia, the eco company produces a broad and innovative range of packaging products for the fast moving consumer goods, agricultural and industrial sectors. Amcor is also a leading recycler as part of its commitment to developing sustainable packaging solutions for its customers.  We provide sustainable packaging solutions for beverages, food, healthcare, home care, personal care, pet care and technical applications. Our power item is PET which is an important considerable solution for our environmental problems. Not only does it make products lighter, more convenient and safe to use, it is also much more sustainable for the environment. 

We can guarantee that our products are recyclable and packaged with the right attributes to facilitate collection, sorting and recycling. AMCOR uses most of our pre used items by recycling them. We aim to use materials that are labeled compostable by industry standards. 

Choose AMCOR and choose a more sustainable packaging, more suitable to your needs as well as the needs of the environment. Check us out today!

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