Trying to save the earth with little steps? Reducing plastic bottles might be one of the answers.

The “Kopper” family has invented reusable water bottles that can help save our planet made from 99% copper. By using copper, we have a fancy water bottle with a rose gold colour in various aesthetic designs that will suit your style and conditions, whether you are using it at home or carrying it to your office. We have a simple design for those who love simplicity and other hammered or embossed designs for those who want unique bottles. To take a good care of copper bottles, only use it to store water (no other liquids allowed)  with a room temperature not too hot or too cold. Rinse it daily and wash with lemon and salt weekly to keep it clean and harmless. 

Our handcrafted products have outer lacquer as protection, but not inside it, to give direct contact of the water and the copper. Therefore, the water inside "Kopper" has the essential minerals that our body needs for a healthier life. Drinking water that stores inside a copper bottle have numbers of health benefits, such as improve your brainpower, slow down ageing, help with weight loss and boost your immune system which leads to prevent any illnesses in the future.

Here at "Kopper", we love nothing more than support your decision for an eco-friendly lifestyle with the trendy and beneficial bottle. Purchase now while we are giving free shipping on all orders and 10% discounts on every product! You are allowed to return our products if there is any leakage within your first use, but no more than 7 days. Stop thinking and grab your fancy “Kopper” bottle as your new buddy in your  eco-friendly lifestyle.

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