Klaus Coia and Karen Mars established Sunelec in 2002, based in Brisbane to be one of the best solar power specialist companies in Australia. Since then, we have been supporting businesses and householders to get clean energy from the sun and improve independence from energy providers, while helping to take care of our earth. Our founder himself has been using solar power for more than 30 years. Therefore, we are highly experienced and knowledgeable about solar power. Sunelec also has been helping councils and government organisations or agencies to support energy efficiency and environmentally friendly energy solutions. 

Our services specialise in both residential and commercial solar power, which includes solar panel, solar battery, solar off grid, air conditioning, residential and commercial electricians. To contribute in embracing energy efficiency, our showroom and warehouse also integrate passive lighting, passing cooling, high-efficiency lighting and automatic light sensing. We also use wind turbines and PV Solar to produce our facility’s energy and decrease CO2 emissions. 

Come to our showroom to learn more about solar power or simply contact us to consult!

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