Coral Breeze Coastal Cruises

Coral Bay is breath-takingly beautiful place and that's why Coral Breeze Coastal Cruises is here to offer you an eco tour that you will never forget.

With more than two hundred and twenty species of coral and over five hindered different types of fish, Coral Bay rests in Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Western Australia. Coral Breeze Coastal Cruises takes you right to the core of it.

On a fantastic ship, you can meet other friendly people and have a chat to our knowledgeable staff members and explore the depths of the my serious and divine coral reefs. After snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and meeting the dolphins, rays and cute turtles, relax on the ship as you watch the sunset go down with a cool glass of champagne in your hand.

We have everything here at Coral Breeze Coastal Cruises. You will have the most spectacular, entertaining and romantic journeys once you board one of our cruise ships. So book a tour today and experience the magic of Coral Breeze Coastal Cruises.

Coastal Adventure Tours is committed to providing environmentally and socially sustainable tours of the highest quality and enjoyment. All tours are designed to show the unique qualities of the reef and adjacent desert, whilst having the least impact possible. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide services and tours at the forefront of those available not only at Ningaloo but globally.

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