At Clean TeQ, we as an Australasian environmental and mining services group, are focused on developing, commercialising and selling air purification, metal recovery and water purification technologies.

Our objectives are:

• To become a global eco technology leader and innovative solutions provider of clean technologies

• To continue to develop and educate a culture committed to best practice and continuous improvement in all aspects.

• Create increasing shareholder value by solving our client's environmental and metal recovery problems

As an environmental engineering company, Clean TeQ believes that implementing sustainable development principles is not only our responsibility, but the purpose of our green business. 

We want to exceed market expectations by integrating the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental as the key to our success as a responsible eco company

At Clean TeQ we think differently and provide a sustainable approach to using the earth's natural resources. By investing in R&D, we innovate and improve our operations in an environmentally friendly manner. 

We strive to develop new sustainable technologies which use less energy, less water, reduce waste, enable recycling of valuable materials and hence more efficient.

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