Saka Water

There's Water and There's Saka Water.

Saka water is a pristine premium natural alkaline mineral water. Created only by nature, it rises from a remote and protected pure, ancient and mystical spring, a special source of true refreshment that will awaken your senses and inner being. It's not tap water or processed spring water.

It's a simple and rare delicacy found only in a few places around the world.Saka has an outstanding 8.22pH alkaline balance, Saka is bottled in BPA free, Plasticizer free and Pthalates free Collapsible bottles. 

Saka was awarded 3 stars ( the highest) at the recent 2011 International Taste & Quality Institute Awards where over 600 brands participated from around the globe.
Activate a healthier lifestyle - Drink Saka Water !

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