Bamboo Hydroponic 20

From $259.00

Each system is custom made from premium quality giant bamboo sourced locally within Australia.  The system is designed to allow the largest plants (eg. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplants etc) to grow at the top with the top rung diameter between 1000 to 1300mm wide.  The lower rungs are between 800-1000mm in diameter perfect for growing a variety of herbs and lettuce. 

The compact design makes it perfect for any balcony or small space.  You can easily grow up to 3 smaller plants per pot,  therefore increasing your yield substantially.

You will be totally amazed how simple it is to grow the highest quality perpetual garden all year round with absolutely no growing experience necessary.   Just plug it in and fill up the water tank once per week.

-1m tall (incl tank) x 800mm wide x 600mm wide

Price includes:
-Simple assembly instructions (no tools required)
-Robust bamboo Frame stained a beautiful bamboo black finish
-4 x large premium 100% bamboo grow tubes
-15w electric submersible water pump, variable flow, 1200 litres p/hour,  2 meter cord (3 year warranty included)
-3 x 400ml bottles of premium complete advanced hydroponic 3 part nutrient solution (for vegatative, flowering & fruiting stages of growth)
-35 litre plastic nutrient tank with wheels and secure cover
-Water level adjusters
-20 x plastic mesh hydroponic pots
-20 x jiffy seed germination Peat Pellets
-Vermiculite/Perlite growing medium for 20 plants
-All hoses, connectors & related fittings
-Detailed outdoor hydroponic growers guide
-Dedicated and on-going on-line support

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