Chain Of Custody Standard

Australian Forestry Standard Limited's Chain of Custody Standard is planned for voluntary application by any organisation that looks for to ensure that the certified wood and forest products purchase by customer are sourced from a certified forest.

Its application will support in make sure of delivering access to domestic and global markets that look for assurances on the beginning of wood or forest products from sustainably supervise forests.

With the growing availability of re-using wood based raw material in the market places, this CoC standard also permits organisations utilising virgin and re-using raw material to contribute in CoC certification of mixed goods.

Australian Forestry Standard Limited's Chain of Custody (CoC) mostly tracks a wood or forest product from its origin in a certified forest through to its end use as a wood or forest product by the consumer.

CoC covers all intermediate steps such as harvesting, transportation, primary and secondary processing, manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution and sales. As such, CoC is an inventory control system that offers a quality assurance standard.

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