Coirlogs for Environmental Protection

Coirlogs for Environmental Protection

At the Ground Work Group, we offer many solutions to environmental protection. We like to encompassing various aspects in preventing land degradation. This includes: Slope and Coastal Protection, Stabilisation, Silt Control, Vegetation Establishment, Landfill Capping and Pollution Control.

When it comes to Sediment or Silt Control devices, we have designed and engineered ours  to reduce sediment run-off from construction sites. All sediments left unchecked can clog and pollute native waterways and give damage to natural areas. Hence controlling run-off is advantageous to owners, contractors and engineers who faces the economic costs and damaged associated with site sediment loss.

One of our products is our Coirlogs that are manufactured from Coir fibre and firmly compacted to form a sausage like shape. These can be used for many applications. We recommend them for creek or stream reinstatement/realignment. 

They also make an excellent product for water diversion and sediment filtration on sloped areas, coastal and wetland protection and flood control. For this product, vegetation is usually planted into the logs for long term environmental stability. They should last between 5-10 years depending the environment.

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