Conergy Small wind power systems

Conergy Small wind power systems

Conergy is the exclusive authorised wholesale distributor of Proven Energy wind power products within Australia. The result of 25 years of research and development, Proven turbines are characterised by high performance in both light and heavy winds, due to their innovative downwind, self regulating design. They offer sustainable energy solutions for a wide range of applications, both on and off the electricity grid. All turbines are manufactured using galvanised steel, stainless steel & special composite components. Proven wind turbines have undergone rigorous testing at sites exposed to extreme conditions. Successfully installed in diverse climates, Proven turbines are generating electricity from the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle to the desert heat of Saudi Arabia.

• Domestic, commercial and industrial applications
• 2.5kW, 6kW and 15kW models available
Grid connect or stand alone systems
• Industry leading high performance, downwind design
• Robust construction - low noise, low maintenance

Wind Power Systems
• 25 years of research and development
• Robust tower and blades for long life and minimal maintenance
• Tried and tested in extreme climatic conditions  

 Wind Power Systems Applications
• Small and large grid connected and off grid applications
• Hybrid power generation
• Domestic, commercial and industrial applications
• Mini solar farms (wind crofting)

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