Conergy Solar power systems

Conergy Solar power systems

Our products are already supplying over 1.7 million people worldwide with clean, renewable energy every year. Conergy has designed, installed and commissioned some of the world’s largest solar farms. With state offices around Australia and a country wide network of accredited installation partners, Conergy Australia is a market leader in the field of renewable energy technology and system integration.

• Complete grid connect solar power systems
• High quality solar mounting frames
• High quality Conergy solar panels - made in Germany
• 25 year limited output warranties on solar panels
• Reliable European inverter technology
• Off grid, standalone solar power systems
• Solar / wind hybrid grid connect and off grid power systems
Conergy Solar Power Systems
• Complete solar power systems and solar grid connect kits
• Solar panels
• Solar inverters
• The world’s leading quality solar mounting systems
• Solar batteries

Conergy Solar Power Systems Applications
• Residential grid connect and off grid solar power supply
• Commercial and untility scale solar power solutions
• Rural and remote electrification
• Solar farms

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