Connell Wagner

World class engineering and management Connell Wagner is one of Asia Pacific's biggest and most experienced or knowledgeable multi-disciplinary consulting practices.

Connell Wagner offers planning, surveying, engineering, environmental, scientific, business advisory and project management services to transportation, buildings, urban development, water, environment, energy, industrial, defence and telecommunications.

Across all areas of infrastructure planning and industry Connell Wagner offer environmental services to government and non-government organisations. At Connell Wagner we plan to understand the wider dimensions of a project so that we can cover up as many development requirements as likely.

Our capabilities include: -

1) Environmental impact assessment (EIA/EIS)

2) Environmental management systems (EMS)

3) Assisting with regulatory compliance

4) Environmental audits and investigations

5) Stormwater management

6) Water and wastewater management

7) Waste management

8) Air, noise and water monitoring

9) Site contamination

10) Strategic sustainability planning, policy and principles development

11) Natural resource management

12) Environmental planning and management

13) Community and stakeholder consultation and negotiation

14) Energy management and greenhouse gas inventory development

15) Cleaner production and eco-efficiency

16) Life cycle planning for materials selection and process reviews

17) Ecology

18) Water-sensitive urban design

19) Soil and water management

20) Water quality modelling

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