Dynamo Flashlight & Charger - Hand Powered Torch

Dynamo Flashlight & Charger - Hand Powered Torch

At todae, they aspire to construct it simple for you to create a difference in healing our planet rather than harming it.

Now they offer a variety of environmental sustainable products and services that aim to making a positive difference to our environment without jeopardizing your lifestyle.

They are providing a fantastic environmentally friendly Dynamo Flashlight and Charger- which has a great gadget for the car. No batteries or bulbs necessary for the life of the torch. Just turn the crank for 1 minute and get up to 60min of light. It is perfect for campground and travelers or to have at residence for the emergency power cut.

Following are the Features: -

1. It is prepared from ABS plastic.

2. It has a low cost value for money product.

3. It is presently only available in yellow.

4. It work Under the normal circumstances NH cell can be recharged fully 500 times

5. It can Matched with different connectors, it can be utilized for charging the correspondent mobile phones 3 min cranking can present 2-8 min talk time, or 20-50 min stand-by time

6. It size is too Compact and streamline, It has 3 super bright LED lights, DC port, Torch is water resistant and function work on an internal rechargeable lithium battery which is charged when the handle is wound.

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