Eco Max Craft-a-Card

Eco Friendly Children’s Art and Craft Kits
This is a new range of fun green craft kits with a big difference  -  they’re made from elephant dung.

Ethically produced and all 100% recycled handmade from office waste paper and elephant dung it is a way for children to have fun while also learning about elephants and recycling.

Eco Max Craft-a-Card is a hang sell card making kit for children. It has 10 blank coloured cards and envelopes made from elephant dung paper with stickers, 14 unpainted animal shapes, 5 coloured sheets of paper, a pack of 8 oil pastels and an elephant fact sheet that has a recipe for glue, tips on how to blend colours with the oil pastels and interesting facts about elephants, like how often they go to the toilet and how the elephant dung paper is made.

There are 2 designs: Night and Day
Night with an animal mix that includes giraffes, bats tigers, rhinos, flamingos, elephants, a monkey, zebra and crocodile. The Cards are in shades of blue, green, orange,natual & yellow
Day with an animal mix that includes dolphins, penguins, birds, butterflies, elephants and flowers. The Cards are in shades of pink, purple, lime, blue.

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