Grid Connect Solar Systems

The Solar Wind Systems Grid Connect solar photovoltaic system is made up of three major components – Solar Panels, Inverter, Mounting System. All of these components are critical to the output of your system.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels convert nature’s sunlight into electrical energy allowing you to make use of this power in your home or business, or exporting this energy to the grid as a financial investment. The solar panel is the key component of your solar system so the quality and brand of these panels is essential to maximise your investment. A poor quality panel will be detrimental to the output of your system. Your panels must be robust in design and aesthetically appealing. The location and angle of these panels on your roof in regards to direct sunlight, and avoidance of any shading is also a key to optimum output from your system. At SWS we are experts in panel array layout and design and will advise you of the most efficient installation location of the panel array. We tailor each system to suit your requirements and will advise on alternative ways and options for optimum positioning and assembly of the components. These include the standard roof mounting system or free standing systems on SWS tilt frames.
The quality and reliability of every component of your pv system plays a decisive role in the efficiency of your system. So in addition to the solar panels, the efficiency factor of your inverter is a key aspect. The higher the efficiency factor, the faster the financial payback is of the system. Also the appearance of technical equipment should not compromise aesthetic standards. Our selection of high quality inverters goes beyond their technical capabilities. We also ensure they are visually appealing and user friendly.
Whiz-mount PV Installation System
SWS, at all times,  uses the robust ‘Whiz – mount’ installation system which is purposely and innovatively designed to simplify panel installations on all roof profiles and ground mount systems, thus reducing time and cost on. Whiz - mount  is an Australian owned and operated company with all components being manufactured in Adelaide, SA.
SWS is fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council formerly named Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) for the design and installation of photovoltaic (pv) power supply systems.

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