Hardwood Species

Blackbutt: Australian Architectural Hardwoods Blackbutt species varies from a creamy blond colour through to a pale to medium brown.

Spotted Gum:Australian Architectural Hardwoods Spotted Gum are in Honey green to grey brown in colour, sometimes with purple streaks. The frequent presence of a wavy grain produces an attractive fiddle back figure.

Blue Gum: Dark pink to red brown. Can look very much like Jarrah.

Tallowwood: Yellowish brown sometimes with a tinge of olive green. No gum veins.

Brushbox: Pinkish brown to a rich reddish grey. A very hardwearing timber with short grain (no splinters). No gum veins or borers.

White Mahogany: Very similar to Tallowwood. And can also look like Blackbutt.

Ironbark: Pink to dark red or dark chocolate brown. Very dense and strong.

Karri: Another WA timber which is similar in colour to Jarrah but is generally a little paler.

Red Mahogany, Grey Gum: These timbers and others are also available from time to time. Occasionally we can also supply softwoods such as Hoop Pine, Oregon and Douglas Fir.

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